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Rivers Resources/

Office360 Capabilities

Over 55,000 Items

Free, Next Day Delivery

No Minimum Order

No Hidden Charges

Office360 Vehicles

Full Service Furniture Capabilities

$80 Million Inventory

Business Continuity Investments

Emergency Delivery

Custom Delivery & Field Support

Simple Return Process

Flexibility & Responsiveness

How Can We Compete?

Nationwide buying
co-op with $18 billion
in buying power


& flexible


operational execution

Investing in 

Our distribution infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art
network, automated material handling and sorting technology
and sophisticated multi-site communication systems.

High Accuracy

Low Cost-To-Serve

Rivers Resources

Online Capabilities

Exceptional Search Functionality
Time-Saving, Cost-Cutting Tools

       - Cost Centers & Reference Codes
       - Budget Visibility
       - Shopping Lists
       - Approval Processes
       - Contract List
       - Savings Wizard

Live Chat
Easy & Scalable

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